Florence and the Machine: ‘I used to get as drunk as possible’

Second-album syndrome has often affected new artists, and Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine has talked about the mounting expectation surrounding the release of her second album. “I’ve been given such amazing opportunities,” she tells the Observer in an interview to be published on Sunday. “And it can feel like I’m definitely going to manage to completely fuck it up.”

The 25-year old singer releases Ceremonials next week, the follow-up to her 1.5m-selling debut Lungs, and launches the album with a gig at London’s Hackney Empire tonight. In the interview, Welch also describes how she has cut back on partying when she tours. “I used to think it was all part of the performance to go out there, go on tour, and get as drunk as possible,” she tells interviewer Tom Lamont. “Like, oblivion. Oblivion. Living almost out of control. And I think, now, I feel a bigger sense of responsibility to the fans. To the people who come to see me play.” Florence and the Machine recently finished supporting U2 on tour.

Lungs won the award for best British album at the Brit awards in 2010, but Welch says her new album is “more joyous”. Reflecting on a new-found maturity, she adds: “It’s partly what the new album’s about. Do I want to be stuck in teenage land, where everything’s free and easy? You know, is it time to grow up?”

You can read the full interview in the Observer on Sunday.

The Guardian


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