Album stream: Mina Tindle, ‘Taranta’

When the French folk-pop singerMina Tindle supported fellow Gallic artist Camille at the Barbican recently, you could tell the lesser known musician had fairly slayed the audience, when before her final song, someone shouted out for Tindle to introduce herself (it may have been a savvy employee of her record label, mind you, but still…).

With an air of mild embarrassment she did indeed tell the audience her name – they cheered loudly; job done. And she’ll likely be met with the same sort of approval following the release of her debut album Taranta – which arrives on the French label Believe next week. Listen to a preview stream of it in the box on the left.

Following in the line of artful leftfield pop from the likes of Feist, Taranta is a lovely confident 14 track record. Made with the help of JP Nataf, the former lead singer of French band The Innocents, Tindle flits effortlessly from French to English lyrics, from sparse folk songs on a single guitar to expansive pop songs with jazzy inflections. There’s much to admire.

As per Holly Williams’ review for the Independent of Camille’s performance at the aforementioned gig, occasionally there is a slight excess of manic pixie dream girl tweeness but equally this is a minor quibble. Taranta is a fine debut effort. Tindle might be fielding requests to introduce herself for a while yet.

Larry Ryan, The Independent


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Marc Leprêtre is researcher in sociolinguistics, history and political science. Born in Etterbeek (Belgium), he lives in Barcelona (Spain) since 1982. He holds a PhD in History and a BA in Sociolinguistics. He is currently head of studies and prospective at the Centre for Contemporary Affairs (Government of Catalonia). Devoted Springsteen and Barça fan…
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